Scranton Pa Process Servers

If you need a child custody investigator, we can help you get the information necessary for the courts.

When attorneys need documents delivered for legal purposes, they will hire our company to do that service for them.

You can count on us when you need the job done right because we only hire people we know will get the job done for us.

You may need to have us set up a surveillance camera to catch a cheating spouse.

If you are served papers by someone who is not documented to deliver them to you, those papers mean nothing.

You should not contact the person who sent you papers if you have been served notice.

If you lose documents that were served to you so that you don't need to show up in court, you can expect bigger problems.

Our process server can not evict the tenant for you, they can only deliver the paperwork.

If you receive documents from the courts in your mailbox, you need to be sure they are accurate because courts do not mail paperwork.

If you have a cheating spouse and you need a private investigator, give us a call.

Subpoenas to appear in court, writs and even divorce papers must be served by a process server.

When you need to have process served, you can count on our experienced process servers to take care of it for you.

Taking care of finding dead beat fathers who owe child support is one of the services we can provide for you.

We can hire our professional process servers to deliver paperwork of all kinds.

Attorneys use our investigators on a regular basis to prove fraud in all types of cases.

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